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Côté Bassin is a retailer of MONdePRA® pools: a brand of polyester shell pools manufactured in France and Spain. These pools offer quality and are installed in 8 steps. A quick installation !

The MONdePRA manufacturer's shell pool range offers 8 pool models. Mini-pools, square pools, rectangular pools, and pools with submerged beaches for installing a lounge chair, as well as lap pools.

Each model is available in several sizes, to adapt to your environment. You can choose the color of your pool from 5 shades: sky blue, green, white, beige, or grey.

Some pool models are available with a gentle slope or with an automatic cover.

Comment votre piscine est installée ?

Installation of your MONdePRA Shell Pool in 8 Steps

  • Ground Excavation
  • Ground Conditioning
  • Pool Placement
  • Leveling
  • Perimeter Backfill
  • Peripheral Installations
  • Concrete Band
  • Coping Installation