Established in Pineuilh, our company of professional pool designers will accompany you in your pool project, with quality services and equipment.

As a human-sized company, we bring all our expertise to the realization of your pool project by offering you three types of construction: a traditional masonry pool, a traditional pool with a reinforced concrete monoblock or a polyester shell pool.

 Depending on your budget, your needs and the model you want, our sales technician will make one or more proposals. Each new pool is entirely personalized, made-to-measure, every detail is important. The longevity of your future pool depends on the quality of its construction and equipment.

With Côté Bassin, you have the choice !

Depending on the type of pool you choose, the construction process will take more or less time. For a shell pool, the installation can be done in 4 days, for a monoblock or masonry pool, the construction is 8 to 12 weeks.


Polyester Shell Pools

For polyester shell pools, your pool specialist Côté Bassin is a distributor of MONdePRA®, the leading manufacturer of polyester shell pools in Europe.


Traditional Pools

For Côté Bassin, builds traditional custom masonry pools. This technique allows all shapes, even the most original and adapts to all types of land whether flat or sloping.


Swimming pool renovation

Specialist of the construction of swimming pool, Côté Bassin, also puts at your service its services of renovation of swimming pool but also of external arrangement. We study the installation of a heating system or the installation of a treatment system such as electrolyser, chlorine dispenser, change of liner etc...


One-piece pool

For traditional pools built with a reinforced concrete structure, Côté Bassin has selected UNIBEO, a French manufacturer. The walls, the bottom and the stairs are made of reinforced concrete with the BAEL standard, guaranteeing the non-deformation and the solidity of the structure.

At Côté Bassin, we take care of everything !

From the taking of the dimensions, to the installation, including advice and installation of essential equipment such as the technical room, the installation of a heat pump or the installation of synthetic turf... We can also help you to set up the administrative files, for the swimming pools above 10m2.

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Study your pool project together

We study your project by visiting the site in order to advise you in the best possible way, according to your existing outdoor arrangements. 

You choose the options of form and materials, and we put in situation your project in its future environment, thanks to the Logyline tool. 

We draw up the technical plans, we provide you with all the information on the organization and planning of the site, and we ensure the follow-up of the site until the watering..

Contact and Information

Construct with confidence!

Member of the FFP - ten-year guarantee

Piscinist member of the FFP

Choosing Côté Bassin means choosing a pool designer who is a member of the FFP, it means trusting a pool designer who is recognized, informed and involved in his profession. It is also the assurance of a ten-year guarantee.

Swimming pool specialist - Propiscines commitment charter

Propiscines" swimming pool specialist

Côté Bassin has also signed the Propiscines commitment charter. This charter commits the professional on detailed information to be given to the customers, to have subscribed an insurance, to carry out regular trainings, to commit himself on safety and to respect the environment.