swimming pool designer Dordogne

Choosing the type of pool

Build the pool of your dreams with confidence!

The pool builder Côté Bassin, a know-how recognized by the FPP (Fédération Professionnels de la Piscine). Choosing a pool builder who is a member of the FPP is a guarantee of seriousness because he is obliged to respect criteria such as fiscal, legal and social rules and standards in force. He has a professional civil liability insurance and a decennial insurance up to date. 

The swimming pool specialist and his collaborators follow regular training courses.

Côté Bassin also has the PROPISCINES label, which makes it possible to differentiate the most reliable and experienced professionals. 

Choosing Côté Bassin is above all choosing a professional who masters his trade and the guarantee of a quality service.

Traditional Pool / Polyester Hull Pool / One-piece Concrete Pool / Pool Renovation

A guaranteed construction !

With Côté Bassin, you are sure to have the ideal partner, with the know-how and professionalism while ensuring that your traditional pool or your shell pool or your shell pool is built according to the rules of the art.