votet automatique protection de piscine


For traditional masonry pools or monoblock pools and also for MONdePRA® shell pools.

All our immersed or above ground pool covers are custom made and adapt to all shapes of traditional pools.

All pool covers comply with the safety standard NF-90-308, protects your pool and allows you to make real savings in time, products and money !

It is a real investment that gives, like your pool or your pool cover, added value to your home.

Range of automatic above ground pool covers

The automatic above-ground cover can be installed on many existing or new pools. Condition: the shape of the pool must allow the deployment of the shutter on the water surface. 

Experts in pool renovation, the Côté Bassin team will help you select the above-ground cover that will fit your pool. After studying the shape and size of the pool, you will need to decide on the type of slats for the opaque PVC or polycarbonate cover, their colors, the locking system and the type of motorization.

For a pool less than 5 m long, the above ground cover can be manual, it is delivered with a crank handle. Above 5m, you have the choice between 3 motorizations: on sector, on batteries or solar. The feet are fixed or mobile.

Range of automatic submerged shutters

The automatic submerged shutter covers your entire pool, it is a thermal insulator and an essential security. The entire mechanical installation is located in a non-visible space, separated from the pool by an immersed partition.

According to an existing pool or a new construction, depending on the dimensions of the pool, our range of shutters can satisfy you.

The slats of our automatic shutters are made of extruded PVC (6 colors to choose from) or polycarbonate, totally waterproof.

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