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Côté Bassin is the exclusive distributor of ABORAL® brand polyester shell pools. Entirely designed and manufactured in France, these pools adapt to all spaces and lifestyles.

The YELO range: polyester shell pools with flat bottoms or slopes ranging from 3.90 m to 9.90 m in length. Flat bottoms of 1.50 m or compound slopes from 1.16 m to 1.79 m.

The ECLYPS range: polyester shell pools with an immersed box for automatic shutters from 3.90m to 9.90m. Flat bottoms of 1.50 m or compound slopes from 1.16 m to 1.79 m. 

The PEARL range: a patented pool range: design & innovation.

Côté Bassin has chosen the ABORAL® pool shells 

in order to offer its customers the only brand that guarantees your pool for 10 years: gel coat, structure and waterproofing.

These models of polyester shell pools combine the skills of an active design office with unique manufacturing technologies.

35 pool models and over 700 possible configurations ! 

A wide range of customization
for the pool you like! 

Premium manufacturing

Premium pool manufacturing, meticulous finishing, ten-year warranty by capitalization.

Unique manufacturing techniques

Aboral's exclusivity is also its hull pools with an anti-deformation Alveocore structure under the steps and the bench.

Reasoned manufacturing

with the use of low-emission resins, low heating consumption due to a 100% waterproof material, economical maintenance and water savings due to the non-porous and non-abrasive polyester structure.

Delivered with a complete pool kit

Each polyester shell pool is delivered with its complete maintenance kit, bottom drain, floating pipe, skimmers, broom outlet, discharge nozzles, prevention drain and telescopic handle.

Quick installation !

Installation of your polyester shell pool
in 4 days: :

  • Earthwork and excavation of the land
  • Delivery and installation of the pool
  • Leveling
  • Backfilling of the walls and installation of the hydraulic network
  • Creation of the concrete base
  • Installation of the coping
    (if requested) and putting in water
  • Installation and setting up of the technical room
  • Explanations by our technician on the functioning of your pool, its maintenance and its treatment.
  • Signature of the report of reception of the work at the end of the building site
  • Enjoy your pool on the 5th day !